Best Of British

Celebrating the best of British digital technology talent

We want to celebrate the best of British digital technology talent at a one day conference at the Royal Institution, 13th June. Setting our sights nice and high: we'd like to put on the best UK focused cutting edge tech conference you've ever been to.

Our conference is going to be a celebration of great British technology and technologists. Taking a countrywide approach we have invited guest speakers from around Britain to talk about what they know and what they do. We will also be live streaming the event so everyone who wants to can watch regardless of location.

Our format will be 30 min talks alternating with 10 minute talks to keep everyone awake and engaged.

We want to create a participatory event that allows those coming to ask questions during the talks (without derailing the schedule) via a web interface. We'll pick three questions for the speaker to answer at the end of their talk and all the rest (assuming they're not silly or rude) will be answered by the speakers IAMA style on the conference website afterwards.

Depending on the amount of money we raise, we've got plenty of other interactive experiences and fun planned for the day too. We want to put a smile on your face and blow your noodles with home-grown awesome.


Huge thanks to Lyst (@MakingLyst & for being our first sponsor, your support is incredible, the community thanks you!


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