During the day in the break areas, we will have both Technology Strategy Board and Creative Exchange exhibiting some of the projects they're working with. Please check them out - and give plenty of feedback, they're really keen to hear from you. Thanks again to both of them for being an amazingly cool sponsor!


Technology Strategy Board



Lauren bowker

Is an exporation house that blends biological and chemical matter into materials; focused on seeing the unseen by combining science with art, design and performance.

Aptly based in the Vaults below Somerset House; T H E U N S E E N consists of varied talent, from anatomists, engineers, chemists and cutters all with one synced vision - that knowledge creates Magick.

Lead by Material Alchemist Lauren Bowker T H E U N S E E N is a House and setting that is well informed, well educated, inventive and sensitive to both Technology and Design.

We offer luxury that enhances the unseen.




Aestheticodes is a new image recognition system based on the act of creativity. The transition from computer generated QR codes to a more aesthetically pleasing image based Aestheticode presents an exciting opportunity for design conscious companies. This system ensures any interaction is in line with the brand philosophy and design ethos. Images can be encoded that enable an interaction using a smart phone. The Aestheticodes system makes the generation of human computer interaction more unique, more playful, more crafted and more human. Aestheticodes is a paradigm shift in terms of computer human designed interaction.


Creative Exchange


Experiential Souvenirs

Experiential souvenirs

Bettina Nissen will be presenting the completed CX project ‘On The Precipice’ which was developed in collaboration with Isis Arts and Chris Newell (University of Hull). The project explores how digital fabrication embedded within a personalised souvenir-making activity can enrich audience experiences of cultural events and engage visitors in discussion and reflection on their experiences of a temporary video art installation ‘On The Precipice’.

Cold Sun

Presented by Dan Burnett and Paul Coulton from Lancaster University, Cold Sun attempts to connect the fiction and narrative of a game world with the real world of the player in the form of the weather at their particular location. The aim is to allow players to effectively explore issues of climate change that will affect their possible/plausible futures, and hopefully enable them to develop a greater understanding of some of these complex issues the surround climate change and consider ways to which they might respond. Unlike games that simplistically try to directly change a particular behaviour that might contribute to climate change this game attempts to make the subject of climate change more meaningful to player.

Numbers that Matter

Numbers That Matter Hackathon from Prohyena on Vimeo.

Numbers that Matter is a collaborative project with Lancaster University and FutureEverything that seeks to embed the values of Open from Community to Manufacture. We brought together Academics, companies and Hackers with an interest in wearable’s, open data and civic wellbeing. Together we designed and lived a product development process that valued the relationships and individuals we worked with, instead of rendering them invisible viewed only as a ‘target market’. The winning hack ‘Made with Glove’ will be demonstrating the physical prototypes in development.

The Physical Playlist

‘Mix tapes’ were a thing of love, a physical object which people would share with significant others and friends around them. They were naturally a social object and highly representative of a person’s identity. The knowledge of effort involved by the giver in selecting the songs and having to sit through each one was also part of the symbolism for the receiver.

Objects can be generated and shaped from and by the media you “teach” them or existing objects you play (embed) media into. Thus the modern mix tape could become a linked series of small objects like lucky charms which are physically shareable in a form representing the tracks they contain.

This project is a collaboration between BBC R&D and Lancaster University and is presented by Joel Porter, Paul Coulton and Dan Burnett.