Welcome To The No-man's Land Of Technical Leadership

What does it mean to be a good Tech Lead? What if your style of leadership isn't like the others? How do you measure success? How do you deal with mutiny? Will you lose your coding skills? How many questions can Mazz fit into a talk? Join her and find out.

Mazz Mosley

Mazz mosley

Mazz Mosley is someone you've probably never heard of before and that's ok. Mazz doesn't believe in github being her cv and she's not (yet) an internet celebrity. She does however have over ten years development experience spanning many slices of the sector; advertising, digital agencies, e-commerce, art startup and previously a Tech Lead for the award winning GOV.UK platform team at the Government Digital Service. She has recently stepped out into the wild on her own as a freelance technologist where she is currently working with The ODI. Mazz has been in positions of seniority and leadership at very different shaped companies and she can code in at least 3 languages proficiently. She also likes to kill things on Xbox and sometimes spends time with other humans in the shape of her friends.