Be Your Own Client And Be Happy

What can you learn by becoming a client, your own client and building something lovely with a fixed budget and only yourself to argue with? As an internet development company Offroadcode did just that, created a portfolio piece that went on to become a standalone, profitable, fun company that gives them joy. Hear why, what and how they did.

Pete Duncanson

Pete duncanson

Founder of Huddersfield based web development outfit Offroadcode Ltd, Pete likes solving tricky problems. Specialising in web development and content management for various sectors including the travel industry, councils and heaven by proxy. His other business is Cutting Edge Knives an online retailer for rare and delicious Japanese kitchen knives. Out of hours he hosts a monthly local geek meet called HuddsDigitals and presents at tech meetups worldwide. The rest of the time he spends offline with his family, on his mountain bike or making things in his back garden workshop/shed listening to classic rock music.