Restarting Computer Science In UK Schools

In a world dominated by technology, we all need to be more than digitally literate, we now need to be computationally literate. Tom will give an overview of the wonders of computer science, how a new subject is emerging in UK schools and why we all need a bit of computer science in our lives.

Dr Tom Crick

Tom crick

Tom is a Senior Lecturer in Computing Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Alongside his research, his interests span science policy, STEM education and skills/infrastructure for the digital economy. Tom recently chaired the Welsh Government’s review of the ICT curriculum, represents Wales on the UK Digital Skills Task Force (initiated by Ed Miliband and led by Maggie Philbin) and sits on the National Assembly for Wales Cross-Party Group on Science & Technology. He was a British Science Association Media Fellow with BBC Wales and blogs at Computing: The Science of Nearly Everything, or you can find him on Twitter: @DrTomCrick.